Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the basement before...

So back at the end of February, we decided to get our basement finished. Nothing fancy just a bathroom, a few closets to hide the water heater and for storage, and a room to put all my crafting supplies so we could have our dining room back.

Here are the before photos, back when I still had my innocence. The first one is what will be a family room area.

This area is going to be my craft room. The water softener tanks will be leaving.

Still standing where my room will be. There will be walls to block off the hot water heater and the bathroom.

This area will have a closet to hide the sump pump and storage. Our exercise equipment will go in this area.

 A view of the bathroom and craft room areas from the opposite side of the basement.

The view from the future exercise area. Where the fridge and sink are will be my laundry area. Both of those are leaving too.

The family room area as you walk in the slider. Under the stairs will be a closet.

Sounds pretty simple or so one would think. The contract said 8 weeks but the contractor said no problem we'll have this done in 6 because it is such an easy finish. But if you read my rainbow post yesterday, you will know that 10 weeks later it is still being worked on. {sigh} One day....


  1. Ugh ... one thing I have learned from my years in commercial architecture, it's never as quick or simple as you hope. Heck, a few small home improvement projects have shown me that. I do hope they wrap it up soon, on (or under!) budget and you can begin to enjoy the new space and forget the headaches.

  2. Wow, it's going to be fantastic once it's done! I hope it's all you expect it to be and more. Will look forward to the "after" pics!


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