Saturday, May 14, 2011

basement: framing, plumbing and electrical

This basement got off to a most excellent start with the framers coming on a Saturday to get things started. We thought that that was great why wait until Monday especially when they were willing to work on the weekend.

After a couple of days the plumber came in for a week to redo the pipes, set up the laundry area and bathroom. We had the misfortune of having these gray plastic pipes that no plumber wants to work on. We found this out when the water to the fridge sprang a leak and we had to fix it ourselves using Shark Bite. So part of the deal was to redo the plumbing so we could dry wall the ceiling. During this time the electrician came and did the rough ins. Things were really coming along.

The next photos I took on March 6. The first two photos, I'm standing in my room. This area straight ahead will be where my sewing table will go.  The second photo will be the area where my craft table will be. The electrician was great in putting the outlets high on the wall, above where my table will be.

Here is a view of the family room. The sink and fridge are still here. The water softener tanks are out side.

A shot of the bathroom. The shower floor is installed. Nice tape measure.

A view of the exercise area and the closet.

The long view, I am standing in front of the closet in the exercise area. Notice my washing machine is now downstairs. This happened because the plumber rerouted the pipes for the washing machine and turned off the water to the upstairs line. I was told that this was happening after it happened. Thankfully, our contractor came over and moved the machine downstairs so I could continue with my most favorite chore.

The view from standing in front of the slider. The wall is painted with Kilz before framing.

 So far so good, we are excited to see it come together. Next up is the insulation and then dry wall.

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  1. Good luck with the basement, Linda! What a h-u-g-e undertaking! :)


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