Wednesday, May 18, 2011

basement: painting

The painter was scheduled to arrive on March 18 to start priming the walls. This is what the basement looked like. We were wondering how this was gong to go over. It really didn't. Nothing got done on Friday.

This was also the day I texted our project manager about a color change at 8:30 am and got no response. Turns out at around the same time the painter was calling him to confirm our colors before he bought the paint. He never got a response either. Needless to say, the painter bought the original colors and our PM shows up at noon looking surprised at this situation. Seriously.

The doors are not here to be painted and there is no water hooked up for the painter to use. At least on Monday the 21st, he primed my craft room. On the 22nd, he saw he didn't have any water and left. The owner comes and hooks up the sink. The doors showed up at the end of the week and painting took 2 weeks. In the end, the colors look great and we were very please with the end result.

Sherwin Williams Charming Pink in my room

Sherwin Williams Interactive Cream in the family and exercise rooms. And the fridge is still here!

Sherwin Williams Breaktime in the bathroom.

So much nonsense to deal with during this time. Most of it was caused by the lack of communication on the part of our project manager. Apparently he was/is having personal problems. And while we can empathize to a point, this is still business and we expect the job to continue in a professional manner. If only......

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