Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

After a long and much needed break, I am ready to blog again. Towards the end of March, I was starting to feel overwhelmed with some things that were happening here. The main thing is that we are getting our basement finished and while that is exciting because I will have my own work space down there, it has caused some stress. The main stress was that it caused me to have to get creative in creating my lessons for my current class, Fun and Fabulous Folds. At some point, I will share some of our misadventures with our contractors and they are interesting to say the least. As of right now the basement is still not done, after over 10 weeks of work, but I am hopeful that the end is getting closer.

The photos were taken by my husband on Friday night after a thunderstorm came through. I wish he was able to fit the whole double rainbow in the frame. It was stunning, a complete double rainbow and the sun was shinning in the middle of it.

Be back later in the week with some projects to share and maybe some photos of the basement in progress.

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