Saturday, June 4, 2011

the bathroom is finished

As of now the basement is 6 weeks past the scheduled finish date. The walls need to be repainted, the carpet and the laundry cabinet installed. Then there are a few finishing touches that also need to be completed like installing the door knobs. Yet no one came to work on it last week. It's really pathetic how slow things are moving.

But the one thing that is done is the bathroom. And even that has some issues. The first photo is my favorite. I can't decide if this deserves points for creativity or if we should get a discount for their stupidity.
Bet they didn't think we would notice.
The next one is the glass shower door taken from inside the shower. Following directions isn't their strong suit.
Notice they took the sticker off and then put it back on.
Here is our 24" sink. It's a nice sink but we had to get this size because 36" wouldn't fit in the 48" space between the wall and the toilet (which can be seen in the lower right corner). That is seriously what our pm told us.
Someone was thoughtful enough to clean it for us with a dirty rag.

But then again this is the same pm that measured all of our doors. This is what the trim guy had to do to bathroom door to install it.

The frame is cut and then 'pasted' back together.

The nice gap in the wall that isn't completely caulked.
And the finishing touch.

Someone later came by and painted over it with more white but I can still see it.

We are so ready for this to be done. Apparently, it is going to take another 2 weeks. That is seriously what the owner told Dave on the phone. I'm impressed that he kept his composure.

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