Wednesday, June 29, 2011

this week...

Summer is in full swing. This week we went to Hershey Park and had a great time.

For anyone still keeping track the basement is still NOT finished. I know it is shocking since we are now going on 18 weeks of total work, which makes it almost 10 week past schedule.  The thing that gets me is that if the crew would show up more than once a week the work would get done. But as I was told last week, they need to make money. Which leads me to believe that the money that we still owe on this job really isn't that important to them.

We do have our cabinets....finally. They are nice enough but not worth the crazy wait we have endured for two reasons. First, shelves are not included for the cabinets above the washer and dryer.  Second, they have a major design flaw.

Because of the overhang on the front of the cabinets and the cabinets are about 2 feet wide, the cabinets can not be flush up against the wall (or at least this part).

So the small overhang in the front had to be cut off so it could rest against the wall. The first solution was to build up the back so that it could be mounted to the wall but then it would have been uneven with the other side of the unit. That would have been so ridiculous. So we asked the guys to cut off the overhang. Which they finally did today but they are not done because they still have to do the touch up paint.  Apparently they didn't have the exact white paint that the original painter had used. Seriously.

Now they are coming back tomorrow to call it done, like they have said 7 other times before. I am so annoyed because this is messing with my summer plans that I have with the kids. Tomorrow we were supposed to go to the National Zoo and now we can't. Instead we go Friday to see all of the animals.


  1. Oh, my goodness, that would be sooo frustrating! I'm sure the end result will be great! You will love the new space once it's done!

  2. Hershey park looks fun! That would be so frustrating trying to get that done, I'm sure it will be great once it is tho....


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