Wednesday, July 13, 2011

all moved in to my new craft space

I am finally moved in to my new crafting space. Let me just say that this room is huge and I am so happy to have this wonderful space to call my own. My husband is too since I used to be in the dining room and I wasn't shy about spreading out all over the room. Here is a link to my before space in the dining room.

This first photo was taken while I was standing in the doorway. I kept all of my storage and bookshelves. The locker is new to me and has 18 cubbies. We thought about painting it but I like the blue color against the pink.

I'm still standing in the doorway. This nook was supposed to be my sewing table so I could set up my machine. Dave thought it would be better used as a cutting/tool station. When I was in the dining room, I used this large table in the bay window and set it up with my Cuttlebug and Sizzix. My Slice stayed on my main desk but now that my new desk is not as wide as my old plywood table there is no more room for it there.

This unit I had in the dining room. We bought it 15 years ago from Ikea and it used to be our entertainment center. Hey look, it's Tiger coming to see what I am up to.

My new desk is a kitchen counter top with adjustable legs attached to it from Ikea. Most of the plastic drawers were under my desk upstairs. To the left is my paper storage, it is a Lack bookshelf also from Ikea. I wanted to get another one but they don't carry this style anymore. It's too bad because it is perfect for vertical paper storage.

Here is the locker. I really like it. The top 2 rows contain my etsy supplies and inventory. The other cubbies contain my stamps, fabric and sewing items, cross stitch items and other odds and ends that I just can't live without.

Here is a look at my 'tool center" it is the same table as my main desk. I have my Slice accessories in a basket. My embossing folders are in another basket.

This CD tower we have had awhile too. It is also from Ikea...big surprise. But I kept it so I could have a place to put my Sizzix dies.

So that is my new room. There are still a few things I need to find a home for and a few things I need to get rid of, like those paper trays in the above photo. And I'll probably move a few more things around to find a system that will work for me. But I am so happy and lucky that I finally have a little place to call my own.


  1. I love how your craft space turned out! I especially like the blue lockers - you're right, they look good against the pink walls.

    Congrats on your new space, I'm glad you finally got it done!

  2. Wow! You are a lucky girl to have such a beautiful space! It's bright and cheerful and will be so fun to use! YIPPEE!

  3. Loving all that space! The lockers are so cool - that blue color is perfect. Enjoy playing in there! :)

  4. Love the new craft space - isn't Ikea the best!!! You have so much room - you can really move around in there!

  5. Love this craft space! LOL over the Ikea...I think that is a part of every craft room! Congrats on the new room though and have a happy WOYWW!-Amanda #33

  6. very nice room .. you are going to have a great time creating in that space... Enjoy.. thanks for sharing....


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