Thursday, July 7, 2011

a day at the national zoo

Last week, we went to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. We really enjoy that zoo a lot and it was a gorgeous day for a visit, high 80's and low humidity.

When we got there, the keepers had just let out a few of the orangutangs on the O line. And we just had to watch them climb along the way to the Great Ape House.

At the Great Ape House, the gorillas were out in the yard. Here is a momma and her baby. At first we didn't realize the baby was there, just hanging out.

Over at the Elephant House, phase one of the renovations is complete. This Asian Elephant is in his/her new enclosure. It is really nice and large. Phase two isn't expected to be done until 2013, I think. That really bummed us out because the giraffes are not there during the construction. We hope they come back too.

Back over at the Great Cats is a tiger. We love the tigers, especially Gunter. Only we weren't sure if this was Gunter or the new tiger, Damai. (Warning, the next part is a little gross) My children are so impressed with Gunter because each time we have gone to see him, he has walked out into the yard to the edge of the moat, turned around and pooped into the water. They think that he is so cool because of this.

Then we walked around the exhibit to finally see the lion cubs. There are 7 cubs from 2 lionesses all together. And they are so darn cute! I took more photos than this because I couldn't resist the cuteness.

Other animals we wanted to see but couldn't were the sea lions, one of them just had a cub so Andrew really wanted to see it. But the exhibit was being remodeled and the sea lions are in Pittsburgh. We also wanted to see the pandas, they are so cute but also shy. We saw one of them hiding in the trees but really could get a good look. That is ok though, there is always next time.

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