Thursday, August 11, 2011

antietam national battlefield

My oldest, Amanda is entering her junior year of high school and is taking AP English and US History this year. Both classes had homework assignments that needed to be done. In addition to all of the reading she had to do, she was also required to take a field trip to a place that was significant in US History. While on her trip, she was to gather a lot of brochures and I had to take a lot of pictures with her in them. I love that last requirement. I guess one year someone pulled a fast one.

After much back and forth, she decided to go to Antietam National Battlefield.

We used to live 20 minutes away from here but never went, only because Andrew was too little to appreciate it. Plus, no one else was interested at the time. But now they all are so off we went. It was the perfect day for it too, cool and overcast. Some of the sights we visited:

Dunker Church
The Cornfields

Burnside Bridge

It started to rain as we were walking down to the bridge. It is so beautiful there. By the time we got to the cemetery, it was pouring and we were the only hard core history buffs out there. Little did they know it was homework.

inside the cemetery
This is my favorite photo,  she didn't realize I took it until later.

some quiet reflection
Afterwards, we went to Red Robin for an early dinner and so we could miss rush hour traffic in Baltimore. We had a great time in the Maryland countryside, even though we were soaked at the end. I had to turn the heat on so their shoes could dry off. We are planning another battlefield trip in the future.

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