Thursday, January 12, 2012

this and that thursday

Well so much for my goal of keeping up with my blog. I really do have good intentions but life just gets in the way. And because of that I haven't had much free time to make anything fun.

For the past month or so, I have been subbing on a regular basis. While I truly enjoy it, there has been little time for crafting. After school was time for my children, chores and car pooling. Now that work has slowed down a little I want to get back in the routine of creating again. Santa was very generous to me this year in the crafting department and I am ready to go. I have a project that I made over the Christmas break that I need to photograph so I can share with you, hopefully Friday. And I'm not working today. I have big plans on making a few things to share with you next week.

I also sat down and went through my photos yesterday. I had no idea how behind I was in printing up my photos. Sadly the last time I ordered photos, I only ordered up to March of 2010. I really need to get better about ordering my photos. The one good thing about film was that I could see the rolls piling up and would take them in to be processed on a regular basis.

I leave you with a photo of Tiger. My son thinks this photo is odd because she is winking but I like it any way. Happy Thursday!

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  1. I like the winking photo! :) And I honestly don't remember the last time I had photos printed. Probably late 2009 when Dylan was still an infant. I made the mistake of getting too many baby shots printed (yes, that's possible!) and overwhelmed myself. Trying to get my digi scrapbook pages up to speed to I can order a couple photo books. But as with my scrapbooking pre-baby, I'm always behind! ;)


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