Wednesday, February 8, 2012

what's on your workdesk? wednesday #140

Happy WOYWW! It has been a while since I have shared a peek at my desk. There isn't much on it because I had just cleaned up a very large mess that I had made while making a mini album of our camping trip we took 2 summers ago. It was only after I cleaned up did I think of this meme and how I should get back into it.

Here is a photo of my main work area. I have the mini sitting next to my paper trimmer. On top of my paper trimmer are a few layouts for All About Pets that I need to photograph.

Here is my tool table that is also clean. Sorry it is so boring. In the corner, is a stack of photos that I need to sort through and organize. I finished printing 2010 and printed all of 2011 except for the summer. There was no reason for that other than in the mass uploading, I forgot to order the summer photos. I'll just wait for the next sale.

This table is a new addition. It is a 4 foot folding table that my husband put in here so I had a home for my sewing machine. Right now it is making a great resting place for the kids albums. I brought them down to put layouts away and never put them back. Well, I am going to make more layouts to put away at some point, right?

Thanks for stopping by to look at my desk. Sorry it is a bit dull being so tidy and all. But now I feel like I am able to make a new mess. For a peek at more desks pop over to Julia's blog for the complete list.


  1. WOW what a lovely tidy and organized workspace, it must be fab to craft in :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen #90

  2. Oh wow!! Sadly you wouldn't get my desk looking THAT tidy in a million years!! No matter HOW hard I try it just won't stay tidy!! lol.

    Take care and happy WOYWW !

    Jackie x

  3. have a very neat organised work space...have a wonderful week...Mel :)

  4. Oh, you can come to my scrap room and teach me to be that tidy!
    Love the birdie heart card.

  5. ppsshhhh...never boring! I love the cups? you have hanging along the wall to put things in, very nice! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  6. How lovely to have different areas to play! Fab. Thanks for sharing & enjoy this week's WOYWW. I've been nosing at lots of desks in my attempt to visit everyone. Zo xx 83

  7. Look at the organization and tidiness! I'm envious. Your work space looks very inviting and just waiting for some creativity!

    Happy WOYWW

  8. wow everything has its own little place great job.

  9. I wouldn't say it's boring, it is tidy and waiting for you to create something. My space is usually always neat because I can't create in chaos, but I love looking at it in others rooms. Go figure! dani13

  10. Never dull, nice to see what you've got and how you have your 'on hand' tools organised. I'm a bit staggered that there are FIVE albums have five children and time to breath in? Man, I need some time management lessons from you!

  11. Looks so wonderful - all that lovely space - clean surface area and so many goodies - a great crafty zone! Thanks for letting us look in and peek at your desk... Sarah at 7...

  12. You are so organized ...and far too tidy lol...sorry I'm so late.

  13. love your wonderful workdesk--all clean and organize. love that you have three different areas for different things. thank for a peek..

    Michele x153

  14. Seeing a nice clean area makes me want to clean up mine lol so yours isnt boring at all, just motivating
    Bridget #51


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