Tuesday, March 6, 2012

t-shirt quilt planning

Yesterday, I went through all of Andrew's t-shirts I had been saving to see if I had enough of them to put together a quilt. Looking through these t-shirts was a trip down memory lane. Lots of dinosaurs and other animals. Some of these are sizes 4T and 5T. That seems so crazy now as I look at him wearing a size 8 shirt.

It looks like there are enough to make a lap size quilt but I am going to move the bottom row to the right side to make it a little bit wider. It's a good thing that I have extra shirts to complete that. The next step is cutting them which I'm a little nervous about doing. Maybe I'll start on a shirt that he didn't like as much just in case I mess up. And that way it won't matter as much to him if that shirt doesn't make it in to the quilt.

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