Monday, April 9, 2012

catch up monday

This past week, my husband and I ran away to Dallas for his annual conference. We had a nice time catching up with friends, attending parties and meetings (well maybe I am exaggerating about the meetings part). We were also there for tornado Tuesday. Thankfully, we were not in the path of the twisters although our hotel made everyone go to the ballroom as a safety precaution. During that time, we were walking back from the Twisted Root (which was awesome and I highly recommend) and it wasn't raining.  By the time we got back to the hotel the lock down was over. So then we went to the 6th Floor Museum, which would have been better if it didn't start pouring on our way downtown. We looked like drowned rats.

Over all it was a nice trip except when American Airlines decided to cancel our flight home the next morning. They were kind enough to put us on a flight to Reagan National, only we needed to go to BWI since we left our car there. We rented a car and were on our way home.

On Friday, I took the kids to see the Hunger Games. I had debated on whether or not to take Andrew. In the end, I took him and he was fine with the movie. Although he did say that he didn't like the tracker jacker part and I must say I didn't enjoy it either and I knew it was coming. Overall, a pretty good adaptation of the book.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter holiday. We spent ours at home enjoying the last moments of Spring Break.

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