Friday, June 22, 2012

hello blog

I have missed you so. Since my last post, I have been keeping busy with subbing, which is always a good time. The only down side to working was that I didn't have much time for playing with paper. School has been out for two weeks now and I have enjoyed not having to get up early. I have also been a bum and just relaxing with the kids by the pool. Which hasn't left me very motivated to play with paper either. My room is clean and I went in there today and made a layout. I wanted to post it only to find out that the camera battery was dead. I guess it has been a while since I went to use it. Hopefully, I can get it posted this weekend and maybe make a few more things to get this blog interesting again.

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  1. LOL, and ONE MONTH later, wishing you a very happy birthday weekend! I'm sadly no better. Been a LOOONNNG time since I blogged as well. xoxo


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