Thursday, January 3, 2013

new classes

Happy New Year!

I wanted to update you on some of the changes over at My Creative Classroom this semester. The class categories have changed a little for this semester. Don't worry though, this change is a good thing!

The classes are divided up into 3 categories now.

Workshop Classes: These classes will stay the same as what you are used to taking. No changes have been made to the format. I have 3 workshop classes this semester, Fun & Fabulous Folds 1, Fun & Fabulous Folds 2 and Mug Rug Madness.

Foundations Classes: These classes are needed for more advanced classes. Think of the class as the 101 for the topic. These classes will open before the semester begins, all content is available immediately and they will remain open until the end of the semester. The forums and galleries remain for you to ask questions and to share your projects. Students in this class will also be enrolled in the extended classroom at the end of the semester as well. The Slice: Basic & Beyond is a foundation class.

Library Classes: These classes are some of our older or project based classes. They will not include teacher interaction or extended enrollment access (but the extended enrollment option can be purchased separately). There will not be any forums or galleries. All content is available immediately and the students only have a set number of days in the classroom. They will be offered at a reduced rate and they will remain open year round. I have 4 classes to chose from in the library, 10 Fast & Easy Teacher Gifts, Holiday Recipe Album, Card Boot Camp, and All About Pets.

I hope to see you in class this semester!

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