Tuesday, April 16, 2013

it's my turn

Out of our three children, two of them love to read for pleasure. Amanda hasn't meet a book that she didn't like. Andrew loves reading as many fact books as he can, so he can later make us feel foolish because we don't know how long a bearded seal measures. Emily only has time to read the books she is assigned in school or so she says. I suppose reading A Tale of Two Cities for English class can make you say no to extra reading.

For about 2 months now, Andrew has been on my case to buy him the New Prophecy series in the Warrior series by Erin Hunter. He finished the first series last spring and was really into it. I can understand that. The series is about different clans of feral cats that are warriors, what boy wouldn't like that? I can still hear him yelling at the books about the fate all of his favorite cat warriors. So because he was so annoyed by how the last book ended, he said he was taking a break from the books. That is until his best friend started reading the New Prophecy series about 2 months ago. It is driving him crazy that he isn't reading these books right now.

Originally, I was going to buy the books for him at the same time I was going to order the AP review books that Amanda needed. Turns out that she didn't need any review books this year and in traditional fashion, I forgot about ordering Andrew's books.  After several more weeks of begging, I put it on my to do list yesterday and ordered his books. At checkout, I noticed that I need to order an item that cost $3.78 so that I can get the free shipping at Amazon. I need to have free shipping so I ask Amanda if she needs anything for school when Emily says, "Why don't you ask me if I need anything?"

"You don't read," I said.
"I like books," was her response.
"Yes, but you don't read them."
"Well, it's my turn. As the middle child, I am always getting the short end of things."

Well played, Emily. Well played. I must say in my defense that she does not always get the short end of things. I do get her what she needs and so on. Just this past Christmas, she received 2 books, which she asked for by the way. And when I asked her if her if she started either of them, her answer was no. Which is why I don't like to buy her books. But now that my guilt has been activated, I ask her what does she want because I'm not buying her another book. Her response was a Webkinz. I found her a cute rabbit for $5.

It's a win for everyone: Andrew gets his books, Emily doesn't get a book and I get free shipping and a guilt free moment.

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  1. LOL Ah, the things we do for that free shipping. Glad I'm not the only one waiting and trying to get to the goal so I can place my order. :)


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