Sunday, June 30, 2013

blog housekeeping

I spent the afternoon fooling around with my blog layout which then turned into making a new blog header. It took a while as I was trying to add a little turquoise to the mix of pink and grey. For some reason, I couldn't find the right shade of turquoise to work with the pink. Maybe the next design will have turquoise.

I also found some great social media icons on Flickr by tryingforsighs. I downloaded the grey ones and then changed the white areas to pink to match my new blog header. I'm happy with how they turned out too.

On another note, in case you haven't heard, Google Reader is going away tomorrow. About an hour ago, I finally imported my feeds over to Blog Lovin'. After I signed up, I clicked the button to import my feeds, very easy. I had about 200 blogs in my reader and it took about 5 minutes to complete the transfer. So if you are like me, a last minute type of person, you will have plenty time to get it done tonight.


  1. Really glad you recommended the new reader! I procrastinated until the last day!

    Your new header looks great, Linda!

    1. Thanks, Janet! Glad to know I'm not the only one who waited until the last minute. I hope you were able to move your blogs in time. :)


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