Sunday, August 4, 2013

organizing my computer

Organizing my computer, sounds so glamorous. But it was a necessary evil because for the last month I reach the maximum storage on my computer. Who knew that was even possible? Oh but it is! So for the past month I have been trying to make room for the other things I needed to save with not much success. It turns out that I have over 7,000 photos on my computer which really doesn't seem like a lot. But when you have them stored in 2 different places and some of those you have double files of.....well it tends to eat up a lot of memory. Then, there was the matter of the over 30,000 emails that I have had from over 6 years that I never thought about deleting.

I managed to get the emails deleted to the last 6 months worth. But in reality, emails don't take up a lot of memory. So we purchased an external hard drive, one with 4 TB. The guy at the Apple store said I would have a hard time filling 2 TB but to be on the safe side we went with 4 TB.

I have been busy spending the last 4 days going through all my photos and backing them up to an external hard drive. I also went through and edited the videos that we had from the spring and put that and the original files on the hard drive.

I have everything organized by year and then by month. There are also categories for the house and the pets. Within each month there are folders for the big events, holidays, birthdays or vacations. And then some photos, that are onesies or twosies, just stay in the month folder. The system isn't too complicated and I still have 3.5 TB left.

I still have a few more files to clean up on the main hard drive since I only have 4.22 GB left on my computer but I am getting there. At least all my family photos and videos are finally backed up before something bad happens. I hope you will take the time to back up your photos too.

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